Simply curry and chicken meal.

Found this old Snap of Tam making Curry with chicken and I thought I'd put it up here. There's one step missing, adding the coconut milk, but that's it. You'll understand when to add it. Don't worry. I'll be doing live streams soon of cooking different meals. Make sure to follow me on Twitch to... Continue Reading →

  Ox tail is one of my favorite meats for a hot bowl of steaming Pho. If you've never had it before you should definitely try it. Think of the most tender roast you've ever had, and you will begin to understand how great ox tail is. In this bowl they've added a little pho... Continue Reading →

Had Ramen today and it looked so good I had to take a picture. I admit, I'm a bit of a foodie thanks to my girlfriend. I've even made a couple of dollars selling my food pics on I usually use this perspective because I think it simulates a persons view when sitting at... Continue Reading →

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