Thank you for considering helping me continue my adventures. I appreciate and need all of the help I can get. Your contribution be it time, or money, is always gratefully appreciated.

The best way to support me is to tell your friends. The things I do, write, photography, live streaming, I do it all because I enjoy it and because I like sharing my work with others. So please, tell your friends.

If you would like to support me further then that, there are several ways…

I am affiliated with several brands. Each one I use personally otherwise I would not offer them to you. Need more cloud space? Want to start your own blog? Worried about security when connecting to public wifi? I got you covered…

I’ve been using Tiger VPN for years. Great customer service. Eager to help. No logging. Good speeds. And they donate to animal rescues.

Ever wanted to start your own blog but thought it might be too difficult? Did you know that more then 25% of the internet runs on WordPress? I’ve been using WordPress for well over a decade. Starting as low as $4 a month, I highly recommend giving them a try.

Running out of space on your hard drive? Want an easy way to transfer files between devices? Want a secure way to send files to friends? I’ve been using PCloud and I couldn’t be happier.

Lastly, you can donate directly to me through PayPal. Every little bit helps me do everything that I do. If you’re enjoying the ride along with me and want to help me do more, click the PayPal logo and help me out. I’ll be forever grateful.

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