It’s been 6 months since I started using, the multi streaming service, and I thought it was time to give my review.

What is “multi-streaming” or “restreaming”?

Multi-streaming is when you live stream to several platforms at the same time. The way it works is that instead of live streaming directly to Twitch, YouTube, Trovo, wherever, you stream to your multi-stream service and they stream it to all of the live streaming platforms that you want to be seen on. This way you can be seen by different platforms at once, increasing your audience size.

Some multi-stream services offer other services to go with it. For example both and both offer a web interface for streaming without using any broadcasting software like OBS, as well as a way to bring “guests” into your stream through a web link. Some services even offer a way to keep track of all of your chats in one place and a bot that shows people on one platform what the people on the other platforms are saying.

Then there’s LivePush. offers only mutli-streaming and a way to keep track of all of your chats. They do NOT offer a bot that relays messages from chat to chat, and they offer a very bare bones way to stream from their web interface. They have no “guest” option.

So why did I chose LivePush as opposed to it’s competitors or ?

A few reasons. Mainly two. Price, and video quality.

LivePush was by far the cheaper option. By almost half.

And yes, I can hear everyone saying “it’s half because they don’t offer the same features like a relay bot” and that was my thinking as well. However there was one thing that won LivePush over for me. Video quality.

Both Restream and Streamyard don’t offer 1080p streaming unless you pay for their “professional” packages. They start you off at 720p. LivePush starts you off at 1080p. For me, that plus the price difference was enough to win me over.

To make up for the differences in services, such as the guest option and the chat relay, I found other ways to achieve this for free by using and Botisimo. (reviews for both coming at a later date.) It’s more work to get them working right, but I was willing to learn in order to save money.

And now it’s been six months since I started to use their service. Here are my pro’s and cons…

Pro: Great video quality. Easy to set up and connect to OBS. Customer service that usually get’s back to you within the hour or the same day. Great price.

Con: Lack of other services. They give you a page to monitor your multiple chats but it doesn’t always catch everything. They offer you an embedded player for your website, but it’s resources are shared with other users and if you want to use it to stream straight to your website without multi-streaming, you will get a lot of lag. (no lag if multi-streaming)

LivePush does one thing and one thing well. They push your stream to multiple platforms. They barely do anything else. If you want to save money, you care about video quality, and don’t care about chat relays or broadcasting from a web interface, then LivePush may be the solution for you. If you want an easier solution with more options but less video quality for more money, then try one of the other services mentioned.

Will I stay with LivePush after the year I paid for is up in August?

It depends on if they can get their act together with monitoring the different chats. The way they do it now, is sloppy and it doesn’t always work. I’ve talked to them about this and they have told me that they hope to release a better version in April of 2023. If they do, I’ll probably stay with them. If not, I’ll look to see if any new multi-stream services have popped up that offer the same video quality but with more options for the same price.

Hopefully they’ll get it working. Time will tell.

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