This week my girlfriend challenged me to make pizza dough! I looked around for a recipe and settled on Binging with Babish’s Pizza video “Pizza: Basics with Babish“. He says that the recipe is from “Jim Lahey’s no knead pizza dough recipe”. In the Video Babish makes his own pizza sauce as well, but I just payed attention to the dough instructions.

The only difficulty I had with making this was creating a circle with the dough. So, I just decided to let the dough tell me what shape it wanted to be and I went with that. It turned out delicious!

Enjoy the pics, the recipe is bellow!

Jim Lahey’s no knead pizza dough.

A very simple and tastey pizza dough recipe that doesn't require any kneading.
Prep Time 19 hours
Cook Time 8 minutes
Servings 4


  • 500 grams Bread Flour
  • 16 grams Kosher Salt
  • 1 gram Active Dry Yeast. 1/2 teaspoons of instant yeast.
  • 350 ml Water


  • In a medium bowl, mix the flour, yeast, and salt. Once combined, add the water and mix well.
  • Cover the bowl and let rise for 18-24 hours or until it has more then doubled.
  • Heavily flour a work surface and plop the dough on it. Divide it into 4 parts and shape them into boules. If they are sticky, dust with flour.
  • Start to pat down the dough into the shape of a pizza. Pass the dough over your knuckles until the desired shape is formed.
  • Add sauce, cheese, and toppings and place on a pizza stone in your preheated 500F oven (pre heat for 1 hour). Bake 7-9 minutes.


Preheating your oven is most important. Make sure to cook it on the lowest rack. Pizza stones work best but if you don’t have one a cast iron skillet can suffice.

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