Why my hair is Purple.

When my one year anniversary on Twitch came around, I decided I would dye my hair and beard purple to celebrate. Others had done it before, so I thought, why not me? I had dyed my hair in the past, blond, red, blue, green, it wasn’t that big of a deal, but this was the first time I was going to do it since my hair went mostly gray.

My daughter came over to help. It had been a long time since I had last dyed my hair, about 15 years or so. We live streamed the whole thing, and it was fun watching my regular followers laughing and chatting as my hair took on the look of a troll doll.

I had planned to only keep it for a few weeks. Long enough to let it wash out. But then, I noticed something started to happen.

The fist day we dyed my hair there was a Pokemon Go community day event. Once a month Pokemon Go players head down to certain areas to get the chance to catch rare Pokemon and hangout with other players. ( learn more here. ) Whenever I go I use it as an opportunity to create content for my live stream. This day was no different. What was different was how people reacted to my hair. They would approach me with a big smile on their face, and tell me how much they loved my hair.

At first I was a bit surprised. I had expected weird looks and people pointing and maybe laughing at my hair. That didn’t happen. In fact, in the few months that I’ve kept my hair this color, not one single person has said anything negative to me about it. Instead, I get people going out of their way to come tell me how much they love my hair color. One woman ran out of a restaurant ( she had been sitting on their patio ) out to the side of the street, to yell to me as I sat in my car waiting to make a left hand turn, that she loved my hair.

And it’s all sorts of people. I walked into a place that had a security guard checking people in. He was an African/American man standing at well over 6 foot, and probably about 260 pounds of muscle As I was about to walk past him and into the building he put his hand up to stop me and said ” That sir is one bad ass hair color. You are MOST welcome here! ” and gave me a big smile!

Since I’ve dyed my hair purple I’ve had many stories like the ones I’ve mentioned. People coming up to me with giant smiles on their faces. It makes my heart smile in return every single time. Not because they are somehow validating my choice in hair, but because of their smiles. Having people approach me with such happiness is infectious, and I catch it every single time.

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