Leaving Google. Progress update: Email

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When I mentioned that I wanted to back away from Google I spoke about leaving G-mail and moving to ProtonMail. After I wrote it I started to think again about purchasing the upgrade. 2 domain email addresses for $66 a year. I started to think of ways to fund it. My finances are limited so I wanted to make sure I’d be able to afford it each year.

But then the next morning I tried to make the purchase, but for whatever reason it wouldn’t take my PayPal? No idea why but it was enough to frustrate me and think about my decision again. I realized that the only reason I wanted the domain addresses was just for the convince of putting it all into one login instead of having to login for each account.

I decided to just have two separate accounts. One for personal. One for Interwebing. I’ve been going through my old email addresses and updating different web services to my new emails or unsubscribing from the rest and I’ve realized that I don’t really use email enough to warrant needing more then 500 megs or a domain name. So, good decision on my part. 👍

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