So this happened today…

I came out of the bedroom this morning and met this little guy in the stairwell…

Birds come into the house all of the time. The Condo is on the second story and the patio door is always open to let the cats use the litter box. So every couple of months, a bird will fly into the house. Usually they just fly around the living room until they figure how to fly out. There have been a few times I’ve had to throw a towel over them to help them get out.

But I had never seen one come up to the third floor?

I grabbed a towel hoping to catch it and release it outside, but this bird didn’t want to play nicely. The moment I tried to throw the towel on it, the bird zipped behind me and went into my bedroom and into my bathroom.

I tried again to throw the towel on him but I missed. This time, the little guy dived into the closet and got right behind the clothes!

All I had to do was wiggle the hangers and he was up and flying around the bathroom again. I took the towel and used it to block his path and direct him to the hallway. Once in the hallway it was easy to guide him to the stairwell again. My fear though was that I wouldn’t be able to stop him from going back into the hallway and I wasn’t sure if he was going to figure out to go down the stairwell.

Fortunately he figured it out. He zipped downstairs and right out the patio door with no problem. Unfortunately for this story, I didn’t get a pic or video of him leaving.

So yeah, that happened.

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