Yeah I know. The most common post in a blog is “I know I haven’t blogged in a while…” so this post is going to be pretty cliche.

Let me get you all caught up.

I dove deep into live streaming and all of my creative energies have been going into finding new things to discuss, sharing some of my life, and promoting kindness as a way to create real change. When I started I went from the creative angle. I was working with paper mache which was fun and all but no one really cared to watch, and what good is a live stream if no one is there to watch it?

So one day I looked over the IRL section (now called “Just Chatting”) and looked at all of the boobie streamers and gamers and frat boys and asked myself, what would Mister Rogers do?


And it was then that I decided to focus on advice and kindness. I started to tell everyone that I was their “Twitch Dad” and that if they needed, they could come to me for some encouragement and a little fun “advice”. I caught the eye of some big streamers and within just 2 weeks I reached the goal and became an official “affiliate of Twitch”.

The initial success was great, but as the dust settled down, I started to realize that it wasn’t going to be as easy as I might have thought. I gained a lot of followers quickly, but only a handful kept coming back. Now, after about 6 months of daily live streaming, I’ve created a small community of loyal regulars who see the value in what I’m trying to do. We share stories, parts of our lives, and our hopes and dreams with each other. It’s pretty great. My girlfriend enjoys joining and supporting it as well, so that makes it all even more attractive.

So this is what I do now. I’m a live streamer. A community builder. A creative entertainer.

Which means this blog is going to change a bit. I’ll still be adding photography pics and videos, but going forward this blog will also be a place for me to express more fully thoughts I have on live streaming and other things. Yes I know no one reads this, yet, but just like with my Twitch stream, I’ve learned persistence pays off.

So here I go again.

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