Live Streaming and creativity.

Is there a creative side to live streaming?

This is a question I’ve been asking myself lately. Live streaming services like Twitch, Youtube, and Periscope have seen a jump in growth this last year as their services have become more and more popular. Fueled by the popularity of E sports, live streaming isn’t and hasn’t ever been, just for games. In 2016 Twitch added their “In Real Life” section (IRL) to allow gamers and non gamers a platform to live stream events, and provide content outside of gaming. Some IRL streamers just chat with people, some provide instructions on cooking or other skills. Some just provide eye candy. What a person does with their live stream is up to how creative they can be (without breaking the rules) and it’s that creativity that I find fascinating.

The best IRL streamers are the ones who work their creativity into keeping their audiences interested. The art of presentation is key here. Gaming streamers realized quickly that how you played didn’t matter as much as how entertaining you could be while doing it. Although sometimes driven to ridiculous degrees, the gaming streamers had the right idea and IRL streamers were more then ready to adopt this understanding. Communities arose to promote creativity, crafts, skills, and simple things like social eating. A good IRL streamer entertains you, instructs you, and provides a good discussion.

This is why I’ve decided to start live streaming. I want to use it to pursue and fuel my creativity. I want to play around in the IRL section and see what I can turn up. My plan is to start doing things like reviews, music, arts and crafts, cooking, and just plain old shooting the shit. All live. I want to meet new people and share in my creativity and hopefully be inspired by those who come to watch.

I’ll be embedding my Twitch channel here on my blog. You’ll find it pinned to the front page. Come check me out if you ever want to just chat or share in my creative search. I’d love to see what can be inspired!


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