When I’m taking pictures there are always more that I won’t use then ones that I will. That’s to be expected. Not every shot can be a winner. Sometimes though, there are pictures that I think are good, but I doubt anyone else would find them interesting. I’m not always sure why I like them? It could be the ratio, or the composition, or just the subject.  Take this picture for example…

I have no idea why I like this pic. It’s literally just breakfast at a local plaza. But something about it, just attracts my eye. I don’t know if it’s the subject, the colors, the natural light. Could be any of those.

This one though, I know why I didn’t add it to my gallery…

The top of the bottle is out of focus. I didn’t even realize it until about the third or fourth time I looked at the picture. I’m more than sure that a few of you just now looked up at the picture to see what I’m talking about because you didn’t notice it the first time you looked at it either.

What are some of your “almost made it” things in your life?


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