The morning of the eclipse. (writing exercise)

(the challenge this exercise was to write a very short story of only a few minutes in time)

“Where are you going?” he asked as she started to walk away from him.

“I’m taking Dax for a walk and letting him run around.” she said as she called the dog to her.

“Be careful. don’t let him chase anything into the tree line.”

She laughed and smiled, “He’ll be fine! He’s a good boy!”

Jacob watched as she walked away from him and into the light of the sun rising from behind the rolling hills and across the trees spread out in front of it. “This moment. Right now. I’ve got to remember this.” he whispered to himself. He was soaking it all in. The clean air. The open space. The silence that held in the air like a thick fog. It was almost overwhelming, the sense of peace that he felt in that moment.

A sigh released from his held breath.

He looked again, out into the field and watched his love and his best friend become smaller in the distance. The sun and it’s golden light reflected it’s color onto the field transforming the two into silhouettes that cast long shadows behind them as they walked. He wished he could have walked along with them, and in his heart he was, but the arthritis in his knee was being pushed to its limits on this trip. So for now, he just sat, and took in the moment.


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