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Is pushing myself to create content smart?

I have to be careful with what I put up.

Since the year started I’ve been trying to write or take pictures almost every day as if it’s now my job to produce content daily. Which it isn’t. And I haven’t. But I still feel like I should be.


I don’t like feeling this way. It feels forced, but at the same time I know myself. If I don’t do something every day towards my goal, I”ll slack off, make excuses, and it’ll never get done. That’s not something I desire.

So I set a goal to produce something every day or at least every other day. It doesn’t have to be great. It just has to be something that shows that I’m working on a craft. That’s why the stories are writing exercises and the pictures show what I’ve used and how I took them, but is that what I should be doing? Would it be better to produce better content lets say, twice a week instead? What’s the best way to achieve my goal?

Frequency vs Quality. The eternal struggle.

I guess the question goes back to my goal. Does producing something everyday and stressing out when I don’t or can’t come up with any ideas, helpful in learning to be more creative? What exactly does “Learning to be more creative” really even mean? Is it the craft of photography and writing that I am looking to get better at or am I looking for all of the different ways I can express myself? Maybe both?

Damn this post has a lot of questions.

I’ll let you know if I figure any of this out.

What do you think? Leave me a comment below!


  1. I feel the same, but chronic health restrictions (which forced me to take early retirement 7 years ago) have slowed me down and now, I do what I want, when I want.

    Trouble is what with crazy weather and being indoors so much, my Photography passion is suffering a deep drought.

    I might suggest minimum once a week is fine is a good goal to aim for (depending on what creative craft you follow).

    If you do any more, consider it a bonus.

    Also keep in mind that these days, so many people follow far too many blogs and other social media and it becomes a chore to read every word and view every photo or picture and eventually…….like me……they crash or burn out and have to wipe the lot and maybe start afresh.

    (and thanks for following my B & W blog – I don’t post there often these days, but tend to do a post 2-3 days a week on my Nature Blog which is photographed from my desk chair).

    1. Thanks for the comment.
      I feel you with the health restrictions. I have an arthritic knee that keeps me from walking to far. I’m at home for days on end sometimes and don’t always get the chance to go out and take pictures, which only adds to my frustration.

      Your suggestion about once a week and if anything else pops up is a very good way of thinking. One that I’m going to try on for a week. (but maybe twice a week instead.)

      You’re also right about the amount of media people consume these days. I’m not looking for hits or anything though. I’m looking for engagement like you and I are having right now. So thanks!

      I’ll check out your nature blog! Thanks again for stopping by!

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