Breakfast (writing exercise – no names)

(challenged myself to write a scene without using any names and to not use gender specific terminology for the server)

He sat across from her as they both sat for breakfast. She was craving pozole  so they went to their favorite Mexican place to eat. A little place they had found years ago that made good food and had the best jalapeno salsa they had ever had.

Two menus were placed on the table. “Good morning, I’ll be right back to take your order. In the mean time would you like something to drink?” the server asked



“Great. I’ll get those water right to you.” the server turned and walked behind the main counter a few feet away.

He knew what he wanted. The breakfast burrito. It has been the reason they had found the place to begin with. He had an obsession with finding the best breakfast burrito in the county and this place had his favorite. So far.

“Here you go. Two Waters. Are you ready to order?” the server asked as they were placed on the table.

He looked at her to order first.

“Do you have pozole this morning?” she asked.

“We do! Would you like a small or regular bowl?” the server cheerfully asked.

“Regular please.”

The server turned to him and asked “And you sir?”

“The breakfast burrito.” he knew the next question coming.

“And what would you like in it?”

He looked to her sitting across from him and asked “I forget. What do I like in it?”

“He’ll have all the veggies with chorizo, and please toast the burrito at the end.” she told the server without hesitation. He had a horrible memory for some things and a laser accurate memory for others. He called it the “bane of my existence!”. She knew he felt embarrassed when he couldn’t recall or remember something, but she never wanted him to feel that way around her. She accepted this about him and he loved her for that.

“Great! We’ll get all of that to you as soon as we can.” the server said as she collected the menus from the table and turned and walked behind the front counter.

“Thanks baby.” he told her.

She smiled back and looked down at her phone. She spent a lot of time on her phone. Either working, texting, playing games, reading news. To the outside observer it would be easy to think that she was trying to escape the world, but he knew she wasn’t trying to escape. She just liked to keep her mind active. He understood that, and she loved him for it.


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