Creativity and me.

So for a while I’ve wanted to get back into being more creative. In my youth and up to my 30’s I pursued creativity. I wrote, I drew, I painted, I was into photography, I played different musical instruments, creativity was an everyday part of my life.

Then I had a baby and became a stay at home dad.

My creative life slowly started to disappear as my responsibilities to my daughter became more paramount. As any parent will tell you, it’s not easy finding time for yourself when you’re looking after a toddler. Your life become less about yourself, and more about your kid, and that’s the way it should be. However now that my kid is 18? I think it’s time to start reminding myself of who I am, and expressing that through art.

That’s why I dug up this old WordPress account, deleted the only three posts I had on here, and decided to start a blog about my attempt to reignite the creativity that I once had in my life. I figure, this can be the catalyst to start the new year right. Dedicate 2018 to being more creative!

Which is exactly what I did at the start of 2017.

Oh sure, I started out strong. I leaned heavily into my snapchat game. Came up with creative ways to snap little movies. Took lots of pictures. But eventually, and obviously the reason I’m writing this post, is because I stopped my pursuit. I couldn’t feel that rush that I used to feel from creating. My brain wasn’t diving in deep like it used to. I felt like I wasn’t expressing myself in a way that honored the muse. In a way that truly expressed my creative side. I fell back into the habits of a non creative life. I gave up on myself.

I’m trying again. A new year. A new start. I really want to do this. So this year I’m going to do it differently. This year I’m going to set small goals that will hopefully spark a creative streak that I can chase until it’s run it’s course. And at the end of 2018, I’ll look back and feel like I created some good art. That’s all I really want to do.

So here I go again.


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