My Twitch

Welcome to Mr. Funk E. Dude’s Twitch Live Stream. The goal is to build a community around creating kindness in our daily lives and to have fun giving out “almost good advice” by encouraging positivity personal growth. There’s also chat games, music, and general discussions. We have fun. Join the chat by clicking here. If…

Live Streaming and creativity.

Is there a creative side to live streaming? This is a question I’ve been asking myself lately. Live streaming services like Twitch, Youtube, and Periscope have seen a jump in growth this last year as their services have become more and more popular. Fueled by the popularity of E sports, live streaming isn’t and hasn’t…

City clouds

Picture taken using Iphone 7 plus Filtered using the Enlight app using Analog filter “Brigue” Not added to EyeEm gallery.  

My favorite subject.

Dax has been my best buddy for almost 7 years. Because we’re together so much he ends up being a common subject for my photography. Can you blame me? He’s such a handsome dog. (okay. I’m biased. I admit it.)

The almost made its.

When I’m taking pictures there are always more that I won’t use then ones that I will. That’s to be expected. Not every shot can be a winner. Sometimes though, there are pictures that I think are good, but I doubt anyone else would find them interesting. I’m not always sure why I like them?…

Breakfast and topics.

Breakfast at a local Pho restaurant in Garden Grove California. Garden Grove has a large Vietnamese community and some of the BEST Vietnamese food in California. Pic taken with Iphone 7 plus. Black and white filter by the Enlight app using inkblot. Not added to gallery

You don’t know until you try. (a writing exercise.)

(For this exercise I’m writing from the perspective of someone who has to overcome an insecurity.) It had started on his elbows. then it moved to his knees, and then to his back, forehead and eyes. It was called “Psoriasis”. It’s when the immune system attacks itself and the skin responds by over producing skin…

Early morning at Pho 79

I almost forgot I had this pic or I would have put it up sooner. I took this in the early morning which is how I got the great light. I decided to go with a black and white look to contrast the men sitting back to back. One in light, two in darkness. Shot…

Early morning Pho

Early morning at a Vietnamese Pho restaurant. Shot with Iphone 7+ Black and white filter  

The morning of the eclipse. (writing exercise)

(the challenge this exercise was to write a very short story of only a few minutes in time) “Where are you going?” he asked as she started to walk away from him. “I’m taking Dax for a walk and letting him run around.” she said as she called the dog to her. “Be careful. don’t…