Early morning at Pho 79

I almost forgot I had this pic or I would have put it up sooner. I took this in the early morning which is how I got the great light. I decided to go with a black and white look to contrast the men sitting back to back. One in light, two in darkness. Shot…


In Los Angeles at Eggslut. Saw this gentleman sitting and couldn’t resist taking a photo. Shot with iPhone 7+ Black and white using stock iPhone filter. Photo added to gallery here.

Early morning Pho

Early morning at a Vietnamese Pho restaurant. Shot with Iphone 7+ Black and white filter  

The morning of the eclipse. (writing exercise)

(the challenge this exercise was to write a very short story of only a few minutes in time) “Where are you going?” he asked as she started to walk away from him. “I’m taking Dax for a walk and letting him run around.” she said as she called the dog to her. “Be careful. don’t…

Is pushing myself to create content smart?

I have to be careful with what I put up. Since the year started I’ve been trying to write or take pictures almost every day as if it’s now my job to produce content daily. Which it isn’t. And I haven’t. But I still feel like I should be. Why? I don’t like feeling this…


Took this picture at a local park. It was the perspective of a child looking from behind a tree at the park that I was looking for, hence the low positioning. Photo added to my gallery here. Taken with Iphone 7+ Color correction and tilt shift added using the Enlight app.

This morning. (a writing exercise)

I popped a 25mg thc infused gummy bear into my mouth and sat back in my couch. The Google Home device was playing random songs from random singers all singing long drawn out ballads about love lost or mistakes made. I wasn’t sure if that was the sound I was looking for, but I let…

The joy of discovery.

I’ve finally started writing one of the more recent sci/fi stories I’ve been playing with in my head. I wrote two pages yesterday. That’s the most I’ve written in over a decade. It felt good. I felt that rush of creation again. I felt myself become absorbed into the process of writing. The passage of…


On my patio again this morning having my morning pain reducer when I noticed the sun was peeking over a nearby building as the morning fog began to evaporate. I took a few pictures and thought this one was particularly interesting because of the way the light hit the fog. On the left, the tree…

Environment adds texture.

I took this pic while sitting on my patio having my morning smoke. I like this pic because of the perspective.