Mod Rules and Guidelines

First let me say that I appreciate each and every one of you. I am humbled by your help. Thank you.
I know that in a lot of twitch chats mods are nothing more then glorified janitors, taking out the trash. What I need from my mods is not just help keeping the chat in order, but also greeting, informing, and giving people encouragement.
With that in mind I want to give you some clear guidelines and rules to help you so that you understand what I need.
#1. Regulars take priority.
A community is nothing without it’s people. The people who come back again and again do so because they, like you, have found something compelling enough to keep coming. The larger our community becomes, the more we will rely on our regulars to support us through their attendance, content, subscriptions, and donations. We can’t make everyone happy, but what we can be is fair, and respectful. That way when someone is unhappy, it wont be because we treated them poorly. THIS DOES NOT MEAN REGULARS CAN DO WHATEVER THEY WANT. They will have to follow the rules like everyone else but with our regulars we need to take into account their personalities as well. Jokes can be misunderstood between even friends and with power dynamics involved, they can quickly escalate out of control. We need to make sure we check our egos first so that we can take steps to diffuse situations quietly and calmly.
If a Regular has an issue with you or another mod first, take it to a whisper. Approach them kindly with something like “Hi X, it seems there’s been a misunderstanding maybe? ” and then try to defuse the situation by saying something like “why don’t you explain the situation as you see it and I’ll try to help?” let them know that you’re there to help them, even if their problem is with you.
If you can’t calm the issue, then it’s time to let me know. The best thing is to copy and paste your whisper to me on discord in either a private message or in the mod channel so that I can deal with it personaly. That way, with the info you’ve given me, I can approach the individual with the facts and fix the situation one way or another.
DO NOT BAN OR TIMEOUT REGULARS UNLESS DIRECTED BY ME. Let the blood be on my hands. Each of you are community leaders. Lead by fairness, not by intimidation. If the ban hammer has to fall, it’s best if I have to do it. That way the community wont develop any hostilities towards you.
#2. Rules of the chat.
No abuse.
No graphic discussions of sex.
No graphic disccusions of drugs.
No obvious trolling.
Keep it PG13
#3. Trolls.
There are two types of trolls. Losers, and potential regulars. Losers are the obvious trolls. It’s always about sex, racism, etc. These trolls can be timed out or banned as you see fit. However the other type of trolls, the ones who come in looking to have fun with everyone through a clever or funny story, give them a few chances. Let them see that we know how to take a joke. More often then not , this will indeer them to us and they might just become regulars.
#4. Questions (dad advice)
If someone feels like their question isn’t being addressed, encourage them to use the @ tag so that I can see their question better.
There will be more rules and guidelines as we grow, but I think this should do it for now. If you have any questions feel free to ask any time.