Breakfast and topics.

Breakfast at a local Pho restaurant in Garden Grove California. Garden Grove has a large Vietnamese community and some of the BEST Vietnamese food in California. Pic taken with Iphone 7 plus. Black and white filter by the Enlight app using inkblot. Not added to gallery

You don’t know until you try. (a writing exercise.)

(For this exercise I’m writing from the perspective of someone who has to overcome an insecurity.) It had started on his elbows. then it moved to his knees, and then to his back, forehead and eyes. It was called “Psoriasis”. It’s when the immune system attacks itself and the skin responds by over producing skin…

Chashu Gu Ramen

Had Ramen today and it looked so good I had to take a picture. I admit, I’m a bit of a foodie thanks to my girlfriend. I’ve even made a couple of dollars selling my food pics on I usually use this perspective because I think it simulates a persons view when sitting at…

Early morning at Pho 79

I almost forgot I had this pic or I would have put it up sooner. I took this in the early morning which is how I got the great light. I decided to go with a black and white look to contrast the men sitting back to back. One in light, two in darkness. Shot…

Why I don’t trust Likes from the Reader.

So part of the reason I decided to use the WordPress format is because of engagement. My goal with this website is to reignite my creative side. (you can read about that here) I use WordPress to read about writing and photography and creativity, and I do find some very useful. I try to leave…


In Los Angeles at Eggslut. Saw this gentleman sitting and couldn’t resist taking a photo. Shot with iPhone 7+ Black and white using stock iPhone filter. Photo added to gallery here.

Early morning Pho

Early morning at a Vietnamese Pho restaurant. Shot with Iphone 7+ Black and white filter  

The morning of the eclipse. (writing exercise)

(the challenge this exercise was to write a very short story of only a few minutes in time) “Where are you going?” he asked as she started to walk away from him. “I’m taking Dax for a walk and letting him run around.” she said as she called the dog to her. “Be careful. don’t…


California legalized recreational cannabis but for those of us with pain management issues we’ve been using it legally for years. It’s nice to see progression. I took this photo at night using my flash. Photo added to gallery here. Taken with iPhone 7+ Black and white filter by the Enlight app using inkblot.

Is pushing myself to create content smart?

I have to be careful with what I put up. Since the year started I’ve been trying to write or take pictures almost every day as if it’s now my job to produce content daily. Which it isn’t. And I haven’t. But I still feel like I should be. Why? I don’t like feeling this…